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Our Best Day Ever (So Far) - Monday Dec. 16

Kim and I had a simply awesome day today - our best day of this trip so far.  It started with a wonderful, relaxing massage for Kim. While she was getting her massage, I took the time to do some snorkeling in Napili Bay for about 45 minutes.  The rest of the time I spent relaxing and getting some sun on the beach.

The snorkeling at Napili Bay was incredible.  The bay is in a cove so the water is super calm and there are a lot of rocks and reefs to see fish.  The highlight was a fish that was beautiful blue in color which I thought was an eel at first.  I looked straight down and saw it swimming right below me.  It was about 4 feet in length.  I have to admit it was a bit cautious and made sure not to get too close to it.

Sorry again... no pictures.  I refuse to spend $18 for an underwater camera and then have to spend that much again or more to have the pictures developed.

After Kim's massage, we had lunch at the SeaHouse Restaurant at Napili Bay.  Then we went for a drive to the north side of the island.  We stopped at a place when I hiked down a bit to see an awesome blow hole.  In the same spot, I was able to see sea turtles looking down from a cliff about 125 feet above the water.

Finally, we stopped at a spot on our return trip where we were able to see some whales about 300 to 400 yards out from shore.  They were playing and breaching out of the water for a good 10 or 15 minutes.  It doesn't show it too clearly in the photo below but we could see them very well from shore.

The view while laying on my back relaxing at Napili Beach

The northern end of Napili Bay where I snorkeled.  I snorkeled out to the reef that can be seen extending out
from the shore on the right.  The water on this side of the reef is about 8 feet deep and there were many
fish around that reef.

A blow hole on the north side of Maui.  I took this photo from about 100 yards away.  Not a bad picture using
my little Nikon Cool Pix camera.  You can get an idea of the size of the water spout compared to the people
standing nearby.

The hike back up the hill where the blow hole was located.  Kim is one of the three people standing at the top.

A whale breaching.  Awesome.  Another pretty good picture with my little camera.  Image what I could do with
a good camera.

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  1. Super pics Ted, I know what you can see with your eye is better than the camera catches too. I am all bundled up in fuzzy slippers and my warm jammies (36 degrees) so enjoy that beautiful weather!