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Hawaii's Volcanos

Our grandson Nicholas has been waiting patiently for some pictures of volcanos.  The only currently active volcanos in Hawaii are Mauna Loa, Kilauea, and Lo'ihi, all located on or near the big island of Hawaii.

Mauna Loa first erupted in 1843 and has erupted 33 times, the last eruption being in 1984.
Kilaua is located on the southeastern flank of Mauna Loa and has been actively eruption for 30 years, since 1983.
Lo'ihi is off the coast of the big island of Hawaii and it's summit is actually 969 meters BELOW sea level.

The only volcanos on Maui are "The West Maui Volcano" and Haleakala.  I am not sure when they last erupted.  Perhaps I will do a little more research and try to find the answer.


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