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Whale Ho - Friday Dec. 6

So far, each sunset has pretty much looked alike.  Kim says we dedicated last night's sunset to Jamie's birthday.

Prior to our trip, Kim and I agreed that we would go to each of our favorite restaurants once.  We have already been to the Hula Grill and Barefoot Bar and the Gazebo.  Yesterday, we went to our favorite hamburger place called Leoda's.  It was everything we remembered and expected.

We spent more time lounging on the beach yesterday but the highlight of the day was that we spotted some whale activity.  We could clearly see the whales coming out of the water and spouting.  Quite exciting.  We finished the day taking a walk on the beach and having dinner in the restaurant at the Kaanapali Shores resort.  Kim had prime rib and I had a Hawaiian style bbq ribs. 

By the way, I am posting this on Saturday morning, Dec. 7th and today is the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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