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The ABC Store and Papakea - Monday Dec. 2

For the benefit of our family and friends who prefer not to use facebook, we will be posting some info and photos of our stay in Maui.

From previous stays here in Maui, we have learned that one of the best places to go is a little gas station/souvenir/deli down the street.  They have stores all over Hawaii on every island.  They are called ABC stores.  It is an ideal place to get meals, especially if trying to stay on a budget while traveling.

Kim and I shared a breakfast of scrambled eggs, Portuguese sausage, regular sausage links and red potatoes which was more than enough food for two people, and it was only $7.99.  Since you do not leave a tip, there is absolutely nowhere else to go here where you can eat for $4.00 per person.

After breakfast, we went to one of our favorite condominium complexes in the area called Papakea.  It is where we stayed in 2011 and it is right next door to the Kaanapali Shores where we are staying now.  We just wanted to tour the property because we liked it so much but while there, we learned that one of the units is currently for sale.  There will be an open house there today between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Kim and I will go back in a little while to tour the unit.  It is in the second building in from the beach near the pool and has a partial view of the ocean.

The photos below are from the beach about 100 feet from the unit, looking both north and south up and down the coastline.  The weather today looks like it might be a little better than the heavy rain we had last night on our first night here.


  1. Thank you Pop. Love the pics :)

  2. Hi you two travel kids...we are home from SoCal (thank you Jesus) and truly enjoying your posts. I have to tell you that you both look SO relaxed in your pics from Hawaii! It is healthy for you, take my word...looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. ENJOY! thank you for sharing your abode too.