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Fun In The Water - Tuesday Dec. 10

Kim didn't get a good night's sleep Sunday night and slept in Monday morning.  I took the time to sit on the beach early in the morning which is something we haven't done.  It was a different perspective as there were few people on the beach.  Kim joined me later in the morning and we just stayed there enjoying the morning.

Later, we spent some time in the water.  The water seemed warmer than usual and the trade winds were making some bigger than normal waves.  I guess I went in one too many times as I got knocked over by a wave and fell down on to some coral cutting my hand, fingers and leg pretty badly - no stitches required however.

We again enjoyed a Mai tai at sunset on the beach.  I was only able to take one picture of the sunset before my batteries went dead.

We're still talking about renting some snorkel gear or boggie boards, or possibly taking a day trip over to Lanai.

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  1. nicholas really wants to see some of the volcanoes.